Kate Blake

Collaborating with partners to build a regional and national narrative

Place is critical to the decisions of prospective students, prospective staff and investors. Prospective students won’t consider your institution, if you don’t teach the subject they are interested in, but for them to choose you over others, they need to emotionally connect and believe they will belong.

Research indicated that the perceptions of Aberdeen and its city region were it was cold, remote, an oil city made of granite. Those who lived in the region spoke glowingly of its natural beauty, but were less positive about the city and were unlikely to recommend unprompted.

Partnering with a range of public and private sector organisations, the University has worked to develops the regional story of the north east. On a tactical marketing level, we partnered with the other university in the city, to run an international marketing campaign.

She will also discuss how Scottish universities have collaborated with the Scottish Government, Visit Scotland and Scottish Development nternational to showcase what our nation had to offer visitors, investors, students and those considering making our country their home.

What I Do

Kate Blake is the Head of Marketing and Brand Development at the University of Aberdeen.

Kate has worked in marketing for 25 years and remembers the days when printers made plates and artwork was supplied on bromides! These days her primary focus is on brand and reputation.

Established in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is the fifth oldest in the UK and is celebrating it’s 525th birthday in 2020.  Consistently ranked in the top 30 UK institutions, Aberdeen is renowned for its world-leading research and internationally diverse student community.