Sara Arvidson and Linda Harradine

How to train researchers to reach out in the national and international debate

In this session Sara and Linda tell the story of how they have worked to make research communication and media training of researchers, a part of the central university strategy.

– How they got the assignment from the board and the vice chancellor

– How they used prominent professors and researchers as ambassadors

– How they started with a pilot and from the experince of that created a research communication module, which they toured around with…

– After 3 years they had trained 800 researchers and measured a 45 procent increase of media impact for Örebro University.

– The content of the media and message training was this…

– …which also has led to new forms of research communication: case Korsettkriget

What I Do

Sara Arvidson is head of the Communications department at Orebro University. 

Apart from this role, she is lecturer and teamleader at SIDA (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) in a project for better research communication in Rwanda. She also works for the region of Örebro County in the internationalization project the Person Alfred Nobel.

With her comprehensive journalistic background, she has worked in both public and private news organisations: head of Consumer News at the national news desk at SVT (Swedish national public service broadcaster), editor of several news programmes at SVT, news anchor at SVT and TV4 and PR consultant in London, UK. In addition to various TV programmes and reportages, she has written the book What makes the news? A study of newsgathering at the BBC.

Linda Harradine is research communicator at Örebro University.

She has worked with communicating research for over 10 years. Today she is press officer and has a responsibility to coordinate the university’s webpage and lead the work within the editorial unit. She has arranged events like Researchers´Grand Prix, a competition in presenting research, Borrow a researcher for schools and annual events like the university’s “Vårmingel” and Almedalen.

She works together with Sara Arvidson in the SIDA-project in Rwanda as a lecturer. She also works with – a national platform for research about nutrition. Previously she has studied journalism and worked with marketing in London.