David Fjolnir Armannsson

Gamification in Science Dissemination

The idea is to implement elements of gamification at the University of Iceland (UoI) area at the UTmessan (ITmass conference) in February 2020.

Each year at UTmessan the UoI invites the public to experience and learn about research and projects connected to computer science, information technology and computer engineering.

To enhance the participation of the visitors we will offer them to participate in a treasure hunt, where the only thing you will need is your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection.

In the game participants will visit several stations in the exhibition area and answer a few questions or solve easy tasks that are connected to the subject in each station.

Participants will collect points through the game and will be able to learn more about science and have fun at the same time.

In the lecture at NUASkom 2020 in Turku the focus will be on the preparation, the process and the outcome of this project.

What I Do

Project Manager of Events, Marketing and Internal Communication at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland.

Currently enrolled in M.A. in Applied Studies in Culture and Communication at the University of Iceland.