Lilly Korpiola

Mediasociety and communication challenges

In current turbulent mediasociety every organization is challenged by the speed and intensity of communication in crisis situations. How are weable to be agile, transparent and convincing in our communications? How can we create psychological safety and trust with our stakeholders?

Media transformation and turbulence in communication environments challenge organizations to renew their processes and the way of working. Successful change requires  a new type of leadership, communication and culture, where organizations meet their stakeholders in the media and create a culture of open dialogue within their own organization.

Every leader should internalize the media transformation, which fundamentally changes the the way an organization interact internally and externally. Different generations, such as digital natives and baby boomers, neither speak the same language, nor are they present in the same media channels. Lilly Korpiola helps organizations and leaders to understand how to build cross-generational, intelligent and a dynamic organization culture and communication which creates a shared meaning.

What I Do

Lilly Korpiola is a Finnish media strategist, keynote speaker and author of several books and academic articles. Korpiola has experience of over 25 years in developing organizations and their strategy in Finland and internationally. Her special expertise encompasses strategic communication, such as leadership and crisis communication and change leadership.

Lilly Korpiola demonstrates that communication is a strategic capability in the media society.

She also coaches and advises authorities, public organizations and companies in the areas of leadership and crisis communication, change leadership and organizational development.

Her upcoming book ’Digital Risk Society’,  discusses how we should understand the current global change in communications and societes.