Linda Liukas

One Hundred Languages

Computers surround us in our daily lives, but the most powerful ideas of computing go beyond the sleek silver containers and glowing boxes. What are these ideas? Does computer science belong in engineering, science or arts?  And how can a communications professional go beyond word processing when it comes to computer science?

Linda Liukas will talk about how we can move towards a more humane tech industry, and identifies what it means to approach technology from the perspective of storytelling and communications.

Technology is about humans, and big their ideas.

What I Do

Linda Liukas is a programmer, storyteller and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. She is a central figure in the world of programming and has worked on edutech already before it was called that. She is the founder of Rails Girls, a global phenomenon teaching the basics of programming for young women all over the world. Further, she believes that code is the 21st century literacy and the need for people to speak the ABC of Programming is imminent. She believes our world is increasingly run by software and we need more diversity in the people who are building.  Linda has studied business, design and engineering in Aalto University and product engineering in Stanford University.

Her book series Hello Ruby introduces the whimsical world of technology for kids and has been translated to over 25 languages. She loves Muji, Zelda Fitzgerald, software and sparkly things. Currently she is a TED Resident in New York.



  • DIA Gold. Biggest Design Award in China, 1M RMB 2017
  • Thinkers 20: The Brightest Business Minds of Northern Europe 2016
  • 50 most inspiring women in technology in Europe 2015
  • The Young Speaker of the Year in Finland
  • Finland State Award for Children’s Culture 2014
  • 30 under 30 in Northern Europe 2014
  • Ruby Hero 2013