Michael Munch

Dark matters: creating an authentic, un-marketing campaign that moves the prospective students and gains support from the senior management.

Our campaign shows yearning, frustration, love, fear, risk, joy – in short, it portrays the whole spectrum of the brighter and darker aspects of student life at Aarhus University. We chose this approach because we want to show real student life – not paint a perfect picture.

This emotional approach appeals to prospective AU students, who recognize themselves in the feelings expressed by the older university students, and who then hopefully want to start their journey as students at Aarhus University. In addition to this, the campaign appeals to alumni who’ve already taking the journey through student life, and who will be inspired to reminisce and share their experiences with prospective students.

Even though the campaign shows more emotions and “darkness” than you would normally expect from a university, it is still supported by the senior management team, the degree programmes and student counsellors. The questions is how did we achieve this?  In this presentation, I will discuss the process that made the campaign possible.

What I Do
Marketing partner, Special Consultant at Aarhus University


Working with:

  • brand engagement
  • content creation
  • consumer insights
  • student recruitment