Mike Young

Indexing your scientists’ social media activity

I launched a new index in 2019 that ranks and compares scientists’ social media impact.

It uses a new method to compare scientists based on their follower numbers on the social media platforms most relevant for scientists and researchers – namely Twitter and LinkedIn.

The first iteration of the index (in 2019) was for the Greater Copenhagen / Øresund region. This year, the index will include other measures of impact – and other cities.

The results, and the feedback from participating scientists, offers lessons to all communications staff at universities.

In this seminar, I will focus on the lessons from the index on improving research outreach, and on how scientists can be nudged into becoming science ‘ambassadors’ for their universities.

How does your university encourage scientists’ social media activity and behaviour? In the last part of the seminar, your feedback will be appreciated and discussed.

What I Do

I do science communication and social media courses for researchers through my own Mike Young Academy.

I used to be Editor of the University Post, an English-language media hub at the University of Copenhagen for students and scientists (2009-2016).